We haven’t been able to go out on many adventures lately. I’m still healing from my fall Christmas Eve and in a lot more pain than I should be this far out. Tomorrow I go to the surgeon to find out the last extent of damage and surgery or physical therapy info. I’m praying for just physical therapy but given over half my range of movement is gone, all is extemely painful and half my arm, hands and fingers are numb I’m not confident that’s possible. I could literally draw a line across where it’s numb. But enough about me. These three boogers have been keeping me company and busy. 

In the beginning it was harder for me to get out of bed because of the pain so the girls would bring Osmo to me and play for hours. They spend a lot of free time playing and Baylee got a bit jealous. We also spent a lot of time reading quite the variety of books, playing with magnatiles, painting, coloring and drawing. Mama’s not to good at that one handed. 😉 It’s been extemely cold here in Michigan lately so the kiddos haven’t been out exploring to many days. I can’t wait for the weather to break a bit and give us a little relief. 

The kids were using the iPad air 2 for school and The Monster kit from Osmo so much that their grandparent’s bought us two more so now they each have their own. This has been a huge blessing for me! No more timer. They all only have educational games installed on them and still love them like crazy. These are the first apple products I’ve ever owned and I’m very impressed with how many wonderful games are on them. They are all sorted out so good in the store as well making it very easy to pick what I want to add.  

Masterpiece Osmo tends to be one of Khloe’s favorites to use. She still hasn’t gotten quite the hang of holding the paper completely still while drawing and looking at the screen. Although her bubble lettering video is adorable.  I’m working on trying to figure out how to download it off the program so I can share it here. 

Caleb tends to stick to the logic and math games. He loves to code and practices that a lot. He also got Bloxels for Christmas and has been busy building a game on that. He can build up to 169 levels on it including characters and villians. I love getting him thinking creatively like that.
Here are a few more pictures from our last week you can enjoy. 

Hope you all have a great night!! 🌙