Artsonia is one of our favorite websites. It first started when the kids where in public school. The teacher would allow them to take a picture of their artwork and then they’d upload it to our private FREE accounts with Artsonia. I was able to view artwork they did in class that day! It was very nice back then and kept me in the loop as to what they were making but weren’t bringing home quite as often. Most the time items are used for decorations and you get a giant jumble of art work brought home at once. In my opinion that doesn’t give you the time to appreciate each piece. I don’t know about your children but mine love praise over each and every piece. For a while I didn’t really explore the site and just used it to see what they were making with the parent app. 

It was about two years ago I actually got online and played with the website. Which btw is awesome for gifts!!! We have made magnets, keychains, mugs and bookmarks of the children’s artwork. They love when their artwork comes in the mail as a magnet. I really love the way I’m still able to display all their artwork without 8×10 pages (or however large they decide that piece needs to be) covering my fridge. Now we have artwork magnets that hold up important papers. I mean really just more artwork or things they’ve deemed should be hung and my favorite family snapshots. There’s no way with three kids and the amount they create I’d be able to afford all those magnets. 😂 

Now with that being said they are very affordable. Around $6.95 each and there has been times they’ve gone on sale for $3.50. I usually stock up those times! They have everything imaginable that you could order and put their artwork on. Tote bags, blankets, mouse pads and so on. Everything so far has been of great quality as well. I’ve added the images of the ones that are my favorite and then two showing the size if the magnet and quality better. 

Well now that we are home/un-schoolers I had figured I’d have to try and find a new art site to do that on for them. I decided I had to search the site again. I found out that I can add their artwork to the site! They love this. I just caught up the other day and uploaded about 10 pages for each child. We only upload the ones they are most proud of. 😉 Another really great feature I love is their artwork and names are private yet they allow you to add fans to your child’s page which is great for family out of town. So only people you want to can order something they’ve created.

Grandma has gotten on Artsonia and ordered the kids magnets and bookmarks as a random surprises and sent them to them and their Papa ordered a mug. The magnets are suppurb quality and really do last. I’ve had 4 for 2 years probably played with at least a million times by these 3 goofballs I call my babies that have lasted and still look new. The mugs and bookmarks are also great. My children like to each read 2/3 chapter books at a time and I’ve noticed they use their Artsonia one in the book they are most into reading. I tried to explain chapter books are easier read one at a time but ya know that’s like talking to a brick wall. 😂  The turn around time isn’t bad either. It takes about a week and half once ordered but then ship and arrive in a day or two. 😀

*Note* I have not been paid, given discounts or free items for my opinion. This post is solely my opinion and 100% under no form of payment or compensation for posting.  I just wanted to share a great page with you all!!!!  👍

Artsonia Website
I’m still laying here on bedrest trying to not injure my shoulder further and catching up on my favorite blogs. I need some more to keep me busy so what’s your favorite blog? Do you as a parent have a favorite website/app you utilize a lot? Please leave them as a comment here so I can get busy exploring new blogs to read! I’m slightly losing my mind as this has been since Christmas Eve. 😢

I really hope you all have a great day! I can’t wait to see those blog or website recommendations!!