A few months back I discovered Usborne Books and More. I fell in love with how educational they were. My children fell in love with how much fun they were. There are plush ones, board books, books with little moving toys, lift the flap books, encyclopedias galore, educational books you’ve never thought of, fiction books, a learning to read program, teaching aids and so much more. They just released a ton of new books. Here’s a picture to show you a small snipit of what we offer.

We utilize a lot of their educational books in our unschooling. The kids love them and most the time don’t realize they are learning. My son read the entire children’s encyclopedia just because it was interesting and I’m sure that since it’s also inviting looking. My youngest loves the wipe clean Books. I love them because she gets to constantly practice her letters, numbers, writing and so on. My sweet little middle child is obsessed with the history and ghost story type books. They all love the lift the flap Books and they’ve come in handy a lot. I also love that if my children ruin a book for whatever reason Usborne will replace that book for you at half off.

I originally joined just for the discount on the books I wanted for our family. I then saw what Usborne does for it’s consultants and how much of a potential there is to make money from it. The first month I made just over the amount of my 2014 Challengers car payment! I’m hooked so I figured I’d share the opportunity with you, to shop, host a party (get free books), join for the discount or join to make money! Best of all they do weekly deposits, monthly bonuses, never any monthly or yearly quota, no limit for ordering, great consultant services and training. Everyone’s like a family. Oh and did I mention yearly trips to win? This year it’s a trip to Disney for 5. Not bad!

Here are a few pictures that explain a bit more. 

Our Usborne Books and More collection 😍

Last one… This one shows homeschool programs that utilize Usborne Books. This is a great list to go off of to start your homeschool library. 

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