First off when deciding to unschool you need to realize people will have questions, concerns, think your nuts and all sorts of things. But you know what… That’s ok!! If you are doing what’s best for your family then be head strong, stand your ground and eventually they’ll come around.

The most important thing I learned right away was do not spend money on cirriculums at first. Give your family time to deschool and get out of the normal mindset thats been drilled into our heads. You need time to let your children do what they’re interested in doing and couldn’t do because of school. Don’t rush into anything. Figuring out which method of homeschooling or unschooling is going to work best for you will take time. We do mainly unschooling but also have a math curriculum and I try to focus a lot on history. My 9 year old wanted to learn cursive and to code w


What I have Learned so far:


  • Kids want to learn
  • The main goal is raising happy kids
  • Worry and Guilt are just wasted emotions.
  • Create an environment thats the ultimate learning land. Go out and buy all the old books and learning toys you used to love, and buy new ones that will help! Bonus is when they no longer play with them sell them on a homeschool swap page!
  • Be honest with your kids. Always.
  • If you’re having a bad moment take a break, move on, come back to it later on or another day.
  • When you noticed people treating your child differently because they are unschooled are home-schooled defend your children. Most home-schooled children are more socialized and smarter and public school children. Homeschool children get the option of seeing real life in action and speaking to everybody all different colors and all different ages. 
  • Kids shouldn’t be locked up in a classroom for 8hours a day forced to learn.
  • Really note and watch your child’s interests. There are lots of ways to then go online and find different ways to incorporate history, math and Science into the item that interests your child the most.
  • Remember cooking and chores are teaching valuable life skills. Now I’m not saying make them do everything but I am saying thave them do something age appropriate once a day.
  • There are LOTS of homeschooling groups out there and available for you to join. It’s good to have support from other like minded moms. 
  • Parent mindfully and kindly
  • If you love schedules it’s okay stick to a schedule we don’t. But that’s easiest for our family.
  • Follow your heart ❤ and let your children follow theirs ❤
  • We don’t have school days or school hours. They are constantly learning and I find ways of course to sneak more learning in. Such as games like Osmo, Bloxels, ABC Mouse, RAZ kids, Spelling city and Khan Academy. I could do on and on but that’ll have to be for another post 😜.