Well on Christmas Eve I fell down… hard directly on my elbow. What I didn’t think would be bad turned into it fast. I managed to land directly on my left elbow shoving my humerus up through my shoulder popping it out of socket. I shouldn’t have in retrospect made my husband take me to Beaumont. Never again. They treated my husband like he fid it even though we both repeatedly told them what happened. He got so upset he ended up having my neice come to be with me and he went home. They left my arm out of socket for over five hours and didn’t do some critical testing before resetting it. While there they had given me two shots of morphine, valum and two shots of diloted and I ended up very doped up, still hurting with my arm out of socket. My niece watched bugs scurry around the er room and noticed garbage everywhere on the floors, empty wrappers and containers. When resetting it they managed to get an artery that goes to my arm stuck in between my joint, (they didn’t tell me that my surgeon did) I pulled my tendons and ligaments. It also broke a piece of bone off my rotator cuff that’s fkoating around in there. They told me all this and then refused any pain medication because in the past for my fibromyalgia and bad teeth I was given some but it’s been months. To much according to them. While during my Ct scan and then discharging me I couldn’t stay awake even to sign my name and they kept waking me up. My niece had to beg someone to wheel me out to car so she could bring it to the front. I’m very disgusted and disappointed with Royal Oak Beaumont. It’s sickening how they treat their patients and keep their ER. I went in at 11pm left at 6:30am and we saw not one janitor.

I found a good shoulder doctor through Henry Ford. I’m awaiting an MRI and then setting a surgery date. This is not how 2017 was supposed to start. Except I have a wonderful husband who has been by my side and 3 kiddos who even though are always home have been wonderfully helpful. The next few weeks are going to be a struggle but I know what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger. πŸ˜œ

We rang in our new year watching cartoons, playing Osmo, and pogs as a family. We hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and day!! β€οΈπŸ’•
My mom also set up a food train in hopes of getting us a couple meals made to take some of the pressure off my husband since I’m bed bound for further notice. If you don’t live close there is an option for money donations. Any money donations will be used for groceries and take out. Thank you all so much who helps out. Even just a share helps tremendously. 😘