The first two weeks of our homeschool adventure I did as I was trained to do as a teacher. Poured over curriculums, researched every possible online program for homeschool children and wrote out a daily plan. Don’t get me wrong we still have a daily goal but we’ve relaxed a bit on having each child do this, this and this. I mean is that not one of the reasons we took them out of pubic school? School and learning shouldn’t be about busy work. So I started researching more and more and read about this method called deschoolimg and unschooling.

Deschooling  is exactly as it sounds. It’s the time period children need to recover from leaving school and starting homeschool. To get the best benefits of homeschooling a child has to decompress and disconnect from “school” and the traditional ways of being taught along with the standard expectations.

Unschooling is a unique educational method and philosophy that advocates learner chosen activities as the primary means of learning. How we do it is we have these fun schooling journals that we’ve started with. Depending on the age of the child they pick out 6-8 things they’d like to learn about. We them go to the library and check out 8-10 books in their subjects. The journals have all sorts of pages with questions and such so they end up reading and working daily on them. We also supplement with a math curriculum for my peace of mind. My children are getting into coding, love making movies and being producers, and love being together.

We have many educational games and books so even with play they are always learning. The best part of unschooling is there are no school days so the kids don’t have that dreaded feeling again. Unschooling teaches them a love of learning as they choose what to learn when. Before winter break my 4th grade wanted to master cursive and long division as they still hadn’t done that in public school. He has them mastered now. And has some very cool things picked out to learn about starting January.

There are also many places that offer discounts for homeschoolers. Most of them can be found online but if your not sure call your local museums and ask. A lot have free crafts and free entry for hs students.

I hope I answered some of your questions but feel free to ask me any! I would love to answer and help out anyway possible.